Monday, April 16, 2007

Illegal downloading: I don't see it as a problem.

How's it going? Good I hope. Anyway, I was in the mall the other day with my friend Trudy—she works at the bank—and she's all like, "Let's go to Sam Goody's to get the new Hillary Duff CD." And I'm like, "No thanks, I've already downloaded all the good songs. I'll meet you over at Hot Dog on a Stick." And she was all like, "What do you mean you've already downloaded it? You mean ILLEGALLY?"
Trudy hates it when I do anything "illegal." She's a real square in that way. That's why she works at the bank.
"Its wrong to illegally download music," she said. But I was all like, "Whatever, Judge Trudy." (She really hates it when I call her that!) "I'm serious, Jesus," she said. "Hillary Duff worked really hard to make those songs, and she should be compensated." "Oh, yeah?" I said. "Well, I had two spikes hammered through my wrists." And Trudy was all like, "Oh, will you PLEASE let go of that already?" And I was all like, "Sure, I will… as soon as I get compensated for it."
Well, that shut her up for about 20 minutes. Later we got two beef 'n' cheddars from the Arbys in the food court, and spent an hour sitting outside of Hot Topic laughing at the goth kids. It was a pretty good day.


jason said...

I don't see anything wrong with illegal downloading. and if the RIAA were to come after you, couldn't you just have your dad smite them? that would be rad.

Yea, goth kids are good for a laugh, but since you had the spikes driven thru your hands, i take it you are more of and Emo kid. You should totally get your hair cut like an emo kid.

ok bye!


Jesus H. Christ said...

Hi Jason.
Thanks for your comment. My dad and I don't really understand each other, so I don't ask him for many favors. We have different priorities I guess. Are you talking about Emo Phillips the comedian? He's FUNNY! Maybe I will get my hair cut like him!
Thank you for the good idea.
I like you.

Ja'AmLo said...

I totally "get" the whole dad thing - mine was always pushing me, but in the long run he was right on some things. but when its all said and done, its time to party! I'll bet you can rock any party by changing their Zima into Carlo Rossi!

Oh and we are big time into composting... do you compost karens doodees? Sorry if thats an icky question but we have to save the environment! We totally compost everything we can... don't panick! Its Organic!.... right?

Jesus H. Christ said...

Hello Ja'amio.
Thanks for this comment! I don't compost Karen's doody, but that's a very good idea. You have a pretty name.