Friday, April 6, 2007

Easter Weekend: Whoop-eee.

So Easter is this Sunday, and I'm pretty bummed. People are always telling me, "This is your day, dude! Cheer up! You're all 'resurrected' and shit." That's easy for them to say. It's like telling someone who was physically assaulted, "Are you still upset about that? It's been THREE DAYS."
Anyway, that's why I started the whole Easter bunny thing. To get the focus off ME. Of course that didn't work all that great either, because people always say, "Dude! Why is a rabbit delivering eggs? It doesn't make any sense!" I know it doesn't make any sense -- that's why it's funny! Why can't people get that? Anyway, I got tired of people complaining, and that's why I added in the marshmallow peeps. Because they're chickens. Unfortunately THAT decision was questioned as well. "Yeah..." they say, "but... why are the chicks made out of marshmallow?" FOR THE SAME FREAKING REASON BUNNIES ARE MADE OUT OF CHOCOLATE!
I really hate Easter. Total bummer. Went to the grocery store today, and they were out of pita bread again. Life sucks.


Purrv23 said...

hey, i am so glad to see you finally got your own blog! nice, i put you on my blog roll over at Reverend Purrv's Confessional... how about a reciprocal link?

AnnaLou-Who said...

Are you there Jesus?
Its me, AnnaLouise.

I was just wondering what the H. stands for.
Oh yeah, and if you would be there for me when I take my finals next week.

That's all I think.

How's your dad?


Jesus H. Christ said...

Hi Anna.
Thanks for commenting. Originally, the "H" stood for "Heavenly" -- but I thought that sounded sissy, so I had it legally changed to "Hank."
Ugh, finals? I'm studying for mine, too. I'm taking travel agent courses at the community college. My teacher's a jerk.

jason said...

you really shouldn't refer to yourself as "Christ!". To be grammarically correct, you should refer to yourself as "ME!".

Oh and can You actually microwave a burrito to be so hot, that even You cannot eat it?

Jesus H. Christ said...

Hey Jason.
Thanks for commenting.
Sometimes I get angry, and say things I don't mean. For example, last week I had a burrito very much like the one you speak of. It was so hot, my tongue felt like it was going to hop out of my mouth. Anyway, I got upset, and yelled, "Jesus Crackers!" But instead of helping me, everybody laughed. People suck sometimes.