Friday, July 20, 2007

Harry Potter and the Christian conservatives.

Hello, how are you? Me, I'm kind of busy. Because I'm preparing for WAR. Regular readers of this blog already know that I've been living on the street since Wednesday afternoon, hanging out with a bunch of other Harry Potter fans in front of the bookstore waiting for the final book in the series—which is going on sale tonight at midnight! SO EXCITING. Now, I'll admit I didn't give two poots (PMF) about Harry Potter originally, but since I've been out here with some of the Potterphiles, I've become quite a fan myself! (Although it's been brought to my attention that my wizard outfit looks NOTHING like Dumbledore, and Karen's [that's my lamb] robot character doesn't even appear in the Potter books—but they like us anyway! But seriously… why doesn't Harry Potter have a robot character? They fly around on broomsticks, for the love of Pete. How hard would it be to add a robot?)
Aaaaannnyyyywaaayyyy, I'm really learning a lot of the Potter lingo since I've been out here, like, "muggle," "quidditch," "sorting hat," and "horcruxes." (PMF.) Plus I've been sharing some of my own lingo with the Potter fans as well, such as, "Chick-o-stick," "ninja," "high five!" and "poop duck." (PMF.) Oh… I haven't explained "poop duck" have I? That's when you fart and blame it on a duck. (PMF! …but it's still funny.)
But after that? Things started getting bad. Just when we were having a lot of fun, guess who walks up with a TV camera crew? REVEREND SPARKLE from the Victory Baptist Church! (Read some of my previous posts if you want to learn more about him, but in a nutshell, he's a tool.)
"There they are!" he yelled while pointing at the line. "There are the worshippers of SATAN!"
"Who's that guy," my new friend Morgana (she's a goth) asked.
"Reverend Sparkle," I said. "He's a tool."
"These Harry Potter books are manuscripts directly from the pen of the prince of lies," Rev. Sparkle yelled at the cameras, "and these poor souls are lost in its Satanic grasp! These books celebrate witchcraft and sorcery—and they are intended for CHILDREN, no less! If you give one whit for your child's immortal soul, you will BURN EVERY LAST COPY OF HARRY POTTER!"
"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh… Cramitupyourbutticus," I said. (PMF. Like I've mentioned before, this guy really brings out the worst in me.)
"WHO SAID THAT," Rev. Sparkle cried, whirling around.
"Umm… Jesus Christ," I said. "Remember me?"
"Ohhh… I remember YOU alright! And I'm not the least bit surprised you're here, since you TRIED TO MUG ME!"
(In actuality, I didn't try to mug him—but I did try to get him to give me $500 for an iPhone. Long story.)
"Tell you what, Reverend," I said. "I'm Jesus Christ, so SUPPOSEDLY what I say goes, right? And I say these Harry Potter books are perfectly okay, and you're acting like a tool. So why don't you just run back to your little fairy tale church, and steal some more money from little old ladies?"
That's when everyone on the street cheered. Really loud. And that didn't make the Reverend happy.
"NO ONE talks to me like that," he blustered. "I am a child of Christ, and YOU are a charlatan, a miscreant, a BLASPHEMER…"
"Yeaaaahhhh, and you've been eating ONIONS."
"That's the last time you cross me, Satanist," he said a little too quietly. "I'm going away for the moment. But I'll be back—and before midnight tonight. And when I return, I won't be alone. NO ONE will be getting these filthy books, and I'm going to make it a my personal goal to GET YOU."
"And I'm going to make it MY personal goal to get YOU… a basket of flowers."
"MMMFFF!" he squealed and stormed off.

"YAY, JESUS!" everyone cried. But I'm not very happy. I know Rev. Sparkle is serious about returning and doing something to mess up everybody's fun—and as long as I'm stuck here in line, I can't do anything to stop him. Yet… I can't get out of line! I've been waiting here three days for a book I originally didn't care about, but now care about quite a lot! But what we have here is a war—and these people are looking for me to lead them.
Lucky for them… I have a plan.


Trina said...

GOOOOO JESUS! Good luck, I can't wait to hear your plan! Your plans are the greatest! I'm cheering for you all the way! WOO HOO! JESUS!

Anonymous said...

Haha. Harry potter and the christian conservatives. that's a good one.

Oh Sweet Moses! said...

JC versus the Catholic Church. I love it!!!!! Shout out to Jeremy!

Marcia said...

Oh, would that there really was magic, if only to help people to think and to question.

Go, Jesus! Kick their bottoms! (PMF!)

The Ichthyophile said...

Ah yes! Jesus has a plan for you my brethren and sistren! ha-lay-lou-yah!!

The Redhead said...

I know you'll prevail, J.C.!

Kind of odd that he thinks himself a child of Christ. Do you remember having any children? And even if you did, I'm sure you would have raised them better to believe in tolerance and good taste in literature, anyhow.

Regardless of what happens, I hope you got your book!! I got mine and finished already, you won't BELIEVE what happens!

blessing said...

People who are always saying they know what you would do are so tiresome, aren't they?

Also, I agree that the last Harry Potter book is great!

btw, Harry Potter and the Christian Conservatives would be a great name for a band, wouldn't it?

Jesus H. Christ said...

Christians ruin all the fun.

1) WHOO-hoo-WHOO-hoo-WHOOOOOO!!!
2) Thanks! I made it up! All by myself!
3) Let me check to see if Jeremy still isn't wearing a shirt. … Nope. Still no shirt.
4) You sound like Shakespeare! I like the cut of your gib, m'lady!
5) Can I get a witness?
6) Man, if Rev. Sparkle was my kid? I'd tan his hide!
7) Another good name for a band is "K.C. and the Baloney Boat Band."

Michael Monhollon said...

Kurt Vonnegut once said that to mount an angry attack on a novel was like putting on a suit of armor to do battle with an egg-salad sandwich. (Or something like that.)

We Christians have too often been suspicious of literature. Comedy fails to take life seriously enough. Representations of evil - or vulgarity - or ugliness - seem to be themselves evil or vulgar or ugly. Frank Shaeffer wrote about this in his book Sham Pearls Before Real Swine.

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